About Us

The inspiration behind Naughty Bear is acceptance, diversity, gay pride and body positivity. Being a gay, nerdy, bigger gay man those are values I feel not only the gay community but the larger community of the world needs more of. Especially in this day and age.

So why the name Naughty Bear?

Well the naughty part comes from my personality. Most people see me as on the mean side, or even rude and for me that translate to naughty.

For the bear part, the biggest reason is  I  consider myself a bear. There was a time that would have bothered me and I’ll be honest there are times it still does. However Naughty Bear is helping me work through that.

The other reason for bear is to me bear means acceptance. The bear community was started because a group of men (bigger, hairy, too masculine) were not feeling accepted by the rest of the gay community. Before some of you bears and bear lovers out there jump on this and tell me I’m wrong.  I recognize that the bear community has changed from its beginnings and some feel it is no longer accepting unless you look a certain way now as well. For me it’s the roots of the bear community that I choose to think of when I hear bear and that is part Naughty Bear will represent.