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Naughty Bear Diners Club T Shirt

Naughty Bear Diners Club T Shirt

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Naughty Bear Diners Club T Shirt

As you  may or may not know, the VonB’s have been feeding the neighborhood cats in our little corner of Olde Towne East for the past almost 4 years. What started out as one little dish of dry food has morphed into 5 bowls of dry and 4 wet daily along with a water dish - heated so it won’t freeze in the winter months. We’re up to 4 styrofoam coolers and 6 outdoor heated houses for a total of 10 shelters on the front porch. Yes, we do resemble a nutty cat lady’s house out there at times. 

There are about 4-5 full time “resident” felines, numbers swell to 8 in colder weather due to scarcity of food and of course shelters for them. We named them the Diners Club, because I won’t refer to them as homeless, because we’ve made sure they aren’t. We don’t refer to them as feral, because they, for the most part, don’t move when we come and go. We can pet them when they eat, only, because food is their focus. They sun on the porch railings, steps, floor, in the mulch and on the sidewalk, depending on the weather overall. 

We have Boots - pretty much a full time porch resident, Socks - who comes and goes, Midnight - who we rarely see anymore, Ghost now Honey - who was trapped, spayed and has been living with a wonderful woman who is domesticating her, the Triplets - 3 nearly identical dark colored tigers, a lighter colored tiger and then various others who come and go. Jen Ortman, our pet communicator, has told us that our yard is a safe haven for them, they all know it, and they are 100% comfortable here.  Zeus rarely, if ever, barks at them anymore. He’s finally accepted their existence, Odin will sometimes bark, but i’m not sure it’s at them. Kade is more interested in the dry cat food than anything else. 

They have a routine. They all gather on the front door mat and look at the door in the morning waiting for their food to be delivered by their waitstaff, aka The Mister. We worry about them, care for them, and honestly love them like they are our own. 

All of the profit/proceeds from the sale of this T Shirt will go directly to Rescue Runway - Columbus’ bank account and we’ll purchase the shelters as we go for the Diners Club and then others who need them.

If you’d like to make a donation of food, we have a Wish List on As RRC is a 501c3 tax exempt organization, gift cards are great as we can purchase food and not have to pay sales tax. If you can’t afford to make a purchase or monetary purchase your good vibes to our Diners Club crew is always welcomed and appreciated!  

  • 100% cotton
  • Heavyweight fabric
  • Classic fit
  • Non-topstitched, classic width, rib collar
  • Double-needle bottom hem
  • Taped neck and shoulders
  • Rib cuffs

 No refunds or exchanges.

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